Cloud Chandelier

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The Schwung Cloud Chandelier hails from their Classic collection. This stunner is artfully crafted from 19 borosilicate transparent glass globes and available in three finishes each a classic in their own right.  

Cloud Specs Sheet

View the specs of the Cloud chandelier here.


All Schwung lights are handcrafted at their new facility in Poland – designed, engineered and produced all under one roof.


An endlessly evolving family of desirable objects.

Schwung's enlightened objects are designed for longevity. Each piece is made by hand and to order that ensures the highest possible quality and a unique aesthetic experience.

Worthy of time.

Worthy of material.

Worthy of space.

Worthy of love.

Worthy to last.

Worthy to pass on.

About the Studio

Enlightened objects for personal spaces.

Schwung is a creative studio with the heart of a collector and the hands of a maker. We imagine, design, build and gather an endlessly evolving family of desirable objects that bring energy, warmth and pleasure to personal spaces of every kind. We’re obsessive accumulators – of objects, stories and people. We’re constantly growing our unique archive of useful, whimsical and beautiful pieces that have lived – and will live – for years and generations to come. We call them enlightened objects.

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Cloud Chandelier
Cloud Chandelier
Cloud Chandelier
Cloud Chandelier
Cloud Chandelier
Cloud Chandelier
Cloud Chandelier
Cloud Chandelier
Cloud Chandelier
Our Beliefs

An exploration of design and aesthetics


Lending a well selected artistry to your dwelling

Experiencing the beauty of life through art is a lifestyle we relish. We serve those who seek beauty at every turn and long to appreciate its wonders day in and day out.


A harmonious interplay of aesthetics and function

We curate housewares that fuse form, sustainability, and utility to offer uncompromising luxe showpieces for your daily rituals.


Pieces which afford a richness exclusive to its past

It's our thought that our spaces impart a sensation of having been amassed gradually and with intention, best done with a palpable trace of history.