...and it's so nice to meet you!

I’m shop owner and curator here at The Porter House Co. I invite you to share in my love of creating a space that’s truly aesthetic, livable, and sustainable. One-of-a kind, cherished through the ages or newly crafted home decor and housewares, is what you’ll find here. Each piece has a story to tell and they long to impart their beauty into the space we feel and call home.

I’ve fallen in complete love with each piece and I have no doubt you will too! I hope this is the beginning of a long, shared love for the adornment of our beloved spaces.

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A Back Story | Q & A

How did you choose the name of your shop?

Porter is a family name and it was important for me to create a legacy that honors those who came before me. I also want my children to know who they are even if they don't carry the name, in this manner they will never forget and neither will those who come after them.

I have big plans, this is only the beginning, stay tuned!

What do you love most about being shop curator?

The perfect day for me consists of a fresh brewed cup of coffee, driving while singing to loud music, and shopping for vintage and antique finds. Truly, I could not ask for a better typical day.

As shop curator I get to incorparate all of my favorite things in the course of a "work day". What makes it even better is that most days my children accompany me. I love that I have a career that allows me to be as hands on as I want to be with my family and that I can involve them in the day to day activities of running a business and being an entrepreneur.

What was your career path prior to becoming shop owner & curator at The Porter House Co.?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you, but here goes...

I often joke that my life is the art of pivoting. For almost a decade I worked in the sleep field and literally made a career out of watching people sleep. Totally creepy, right? I actually looked for sleep disorders by monitoring brain wave activity along with vital signs and a few other key factors for diagnosis.

When that no longer served me, I followed the advice of a mentor who convinced me to follow my heart and become a birth and post-partum doula. Out of that I created my own maternity concierge and baby planning business.

Eventually, I became a first time mom and desired a career that allowed me to be with my baby. I stuck with what I knew, applying the knowledge I had about baby products in my maternity concierge business by creating a baby store. I had never felt so fulfilled and I knew there was no turning back, curating sustainable and heirloom quality goods was what made my heart sing.

Fast-forward a few years, our family grew and we were on the horizon of making some big changes. Out of pure necessity I needed to step back and decided to temporarily close the shop while our family focused on our needs.

Although I had every intention initially of opening back up the store, as time passed I felt the baby industry no longer suited me and I wanted to pursue something I could see myself doing for the long haul.

It's safe to say The Eco Baby Co. chapter is closed.

Let's talk about how this shop came to be.

Sometimes it's all about getting back to what you loved.

When I was single and in my 20's I would spend entire weekends thrifting and vintage hunting. Back then I didn't drink coffee, but I definitely rode around with my sunroof open singing to my loud music and using old school GPS to navigate.

In the years after marriage and family I only periodically dabbled in vintage hunting. It takes a lot of time and with feedings and naps for two littles it just wasn't happening.

The seeds that would become The Porter House Co. have been in germination for a long while. They finally began to sprout when our family decided to move and start fresh.

To furnish our home I ended up falling back in love with the thrill of the hunt, the art of negotiating, and the knowing that the pieces I lucked up on were one-of-a-kind.

This certainly reignited the entrepreneural flame within me and with some convincing from my husband I got to work.