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Baby Quoddle

Glass Baby Bottle Abel Twin Pack

Glass Baby Bottle Abel Twin Pack

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Baby Quoddle bottles are a true work of art. The aesthetic and non-toxic design features a glass bottle with a natural rubber nipple. Designed to be used as nursing bottles which encourages parents to sit and cuddle with baby during feedings.  

  • Includes a set of 10 oz bottles with (2) medium flow nipples & covers
  • Leak-proof design, seals without a plastic-ring
  • Hand-blown borosilicate glass & natural rubber nipple
  • Dishwasher-safe, thermal shock resistant, and microwave safe
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Purchase Disclaimer

By purchasing you acknowledge that you have read the description in it's entirety, confirmed dimensions, and viewed all photos and or videos of product.

Parents and caregivers should never leave a child unattended whilst being fed with this bottle and baby should never use the nipple as a soother/pacifier.


All components are free of plastics, BPA, polycarbonates, phthalates and PVC.

The logo is sandblasted on so as to not have any leachable compounds

Bottle: Borosilicate Glass

Rubber Nipple & Cover: Hevea brasiliensis (Natura Rubber Tree)

Washing Instructions

Glass Bottle: Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Natural Rubber Nipple & Cover: Should not be exposed to high heat, hand-wash in hot soapy water and let air dry.

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