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Alcolin Museum and Gallery Sticky Putty

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Alcolin Sticky Putty is a white reusable putty adhesive and a smart mounting replacement for pins, tape, and thumb-tacks. Secure figurines, collectables, and ornaments, Bluetooth speakers, tools, lamps, maps, GPS devices, lighters, and small battery operated lights or hide a secret key. It never dries out or shrinks. Suitable for use on most porous and non-porous surfaces e.g. metal, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, and much more. 

  • Each pack contains 3 oz of sticky putty
  • Uses: Museum, Library, Gallery
  • Save your treasures in an earthquake
  • Safe for Kids, non-toxic
  • Does not dry
  • Made in South Africa

Directions for Use

1. Pull off the required amount, stretch until pliable/supple.

2. Place between surfaces and press firmly together.


• Performs best on non-porous surfaces e.g. painted surfaces, glass, metal, etc.

• Do not use on absorbent or recently decorated surfaces.

• May leave an oily mark on some surfaces which can sometimes be removed with lighter fuel.

• Does not perform well in wet conditions.

• Not recommended for mounting valuable artwork/posters and external applications.

• For lightweight applications only.

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Alcolin Museum and Gallery Sticky Putty
Alcolin Museum and Gallery Sticky Putty
Alcolin Museum and Gallery Sticky Putty
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