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OVAL Knob/Hook

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The OVAL Knob/Hook designed by Maha Alavi studio is a balanced and timeless design. With squared edges and details, the OVAL Knob/Hook combines an organic feel with a craftsman feel. Available in a polished natural bronze, polished white bronze or a matte black the OVAL Knob/Hook has a presence that adds refinement to your space.

Install vertically or horizontally; designed to be used as a wall hook or knob.

OVAL Knob Hook Specs Sheet

View the specs of the OVAL Knob/Hook here.


Cast from solid bronze and finished by hand in a small, family-run foundry in South Asia.

About the Designer

Maha Alavi is a Toronto-based industrial designer. Her practice aims to explore context through connection and creation, informed by her prior training in philosophy and psychology. 

Alavi takes inspiration from travel — the way daily rhythms shift throughout different global geographies. She is fascinated by the influence of objects on people and spaces, and construction of cultural archetypes through design. Alavi cites places like Berlin, Tokyo, and Singapore as major sources of inspiration for her work. Time spent in cities so connected to both industry and nature have created a sensibility that focuses on detail and balance, and nurtured an understanding of light and seasons eventually inspiring her first hardware series, CERCLE. 

Through her unique lens Alavi transfigures both daily routines and unique experiences into exciting explorations of space and form. When designing, Alavi considers continuity in form and philosophy: the design must communicate its intent holistically and succinctly.  

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Sustainability is a pillar of MAHA ALAVI designs, with cradle to cradle manufacturing a core tenet. This means all items are recycled whenever possible, and designed to be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.  


All casting of MAHA ALAVI products are  done in India, where the factory uses recycled metals as much as possible. Small batch production results in minimal raw material waste. 

Furniture is fabricated in Canada using sustainable practices such as upcycled and recycled materials whenever possible. 


All packaging is biodegradable, recyclable, with a focus on using circular packaging materials.

Shipping boxes, shipping labels, parcel tape, note cards and stickers are all made from 100% post-consumer waste. These materials are entirely recyclable and/or compostable.


MAHA ALAVI objects, hardware and furniture are designed to last a lifetime and beyond. By avoiding trend cycle pieces to focus on items that are intuitive and timeless, MAHA ALAVI designs are created with intention.


A MAHA ALAVI design may span in function, from hardware to furniture, but always linked by a sculptural thematic. Through hands-on exploration, whether experimenting with clay at an office desk or examining wild flowers on an introspective hike, Alavi discovers shapes that are at once modern and timeless. Seamless joinery and intuitive forms define her objects, creating a visual fluidity that is both immediate and gentle. Each MAHA ALAVI piece is hand formed and finished; softness and warmth crafted in luxury. 

Alavi is proud to be part of a new wave of industrial designers who embrace their heritage through the showcase of cultural crafts and techniques. MAHA ALAVI proudly manufactures all cast metal pieces in a family-run foundry in Northern India.

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OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
OVAL Knob/Hook
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