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Cookie Jar Basket

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Home is where the cookies are! A children’s snacking favorite they can now imagine finding in this cute basket shaped like a cookie jar with its lid, label, and all! Consider it much more than a storage basket, as it also serves as a play kitchen accessory.

  • Color: Blue sage
  • 33 % Polyester from PET Bottles 67 % Cotton
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10"
    Quality & Safety


    Each piece is one of a kind, which may cause very slight variations from one to another.

    NON-TOXIC DYES - Color shades may vary slightly, especially if the fiber is undyed.

    This product is non-toxic and complies with all quality and safety regulations for children. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 certified.

    If you want to know more about our techniques and craftsmanship Click here.

    About the Designer

    Lorena Canals is the person behind the firm that bears her name, together with a great team. Extremely creative and very committed to the design of sustainable and solidary products, her practical sense brought her to create the first washable rug in the world.

    Her obsession for details, quality, and originality, makes the brand one of the most innovative, launching new collections and renewing its catalog every year.


    All pieces are handmade one by one using natural raw materials and non-toxic dyes by a crew of expert artisans in their factory in India. As a result their pieces are zero waste and save water.

    Social Mission

    Through their Sakûla Project, a nursery in the north of India they help to educate the children of the factory's craftswomen.

    There are currently 120 children attending the school and counting. Their teachers are in direct contact with them to suggest continuous improvements—from new textbooks to new backpacks or renovations to the school.

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    Cookie Jar Basket
    Cookie Jar Basket
    Cookie Jar Basket
    Cookie Jar Basket
    Cookie Jar Basket
    Cookie Jar Basket
    Cookie Jar Basket
    Cookie Jar Basket
    Our Beliefs

    An exploration of design and aesthetics


    Lending a well selected artistry to your dwelling

    Experiencing the beauty of life through art is a lifestyle we relish. We serve those who seek beauty at every turn and long to appreciate its wonders day in and day out.


    A harmonious interplay of aesthetics and function

    We curate housewares that fuse form, sustainability, and utility to offer uncompromising luxe showpieces for your daily rituals.


    Pieces which afford a richness exclusive to its past

    It's our thought that our spaces impart a sensation of having been amassed gradually and with intention, best done with a palpable trace of history.